Tragedy, Comedy, Fairy Tale

"There is no place here for either saccharine, happy endings, or soft-boiled hope. Rather, the gospels record the tragedy of human failure, the comedy of being loved overwhelmingly by God despite that failure, and the fairy tale of transformation through that love." -Frederick Buechner

Ministry School and Mission Trip to India! August 30, 2012

Filed under: Nashville — Misty @ 6:26 pm

In May of 2012, I graduated from Belmont Univeristy! Now, I am chasing my dream and embracing my destiny of becoming a full-time minister and missionary. I love Jesus and he is all I’m after!

Recently, I was accepted into an 8 month ministry school at Grace Center, a church in Franklin, TN. In December, I will also be journeying to India for a Christmastime mission trip with Iris Nashville! I invite you to sow into the kingdom by partnering with me. I am just one tiny life. I’m just one tiny piece of the puzzle, but one life set ablaze can shake the nations–and it takes resources!

I am believing God for the full $6,500 for these 2 adventures!

Please consider supporting me and furthering the Gospel in this way! It will bless you just as much as it will bless me, for it is better to give than to receive. 😉

If you have a preference about which adventure you would like to support (ministry school or mission trip to India), notify me. Otherwise, I will allocate resources as needed. If you have any questions, let me know.





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